The question of whether God really
exists perplexes many people.

For some the question is too difficult and they put it on the backburner. Philosophers, scientists, atheists and many different religions have all tried to answer the crucial question about man’s existence and place in the universe, and each have arrived at a different answer.

For those that come to the conclusion that there is a God, the resulting questions about what His purpose is, and if He cares about mankind, about your life, has had many varying answers.

It is these two questions which will be considered in a FREE 2 day seminar course, using science, archaeology, history, the Bible and prophecy to give evidence to the case for the existence of God and what His purpose is.


Course Outline

SATURDAY, MAY 23RD at 10:00am

Session 1 Watertight evidence that proves God’s existence beyond doubt


Session 2 Confirm that the Bible is inspired by God and it’s His message to man


Session 3 Does God have a purpose with the earth and man,
and what has He revealed of His plan through Promises?


Session 4 God’s plan revolves around an important man: Jesus Christ

SUNDAY, MAY 24TH at 5:00pm

Session 5 Jesus Christ’s return will provide hope for a better future


Session 6 How does this affect you and I?

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The course will be held at the

Pooraka Farm
Comunity Centre

126 Henderson Avenue, Pooraka